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You can find Eldorado do Amazonas in the heart of the Amazon. From this strategical place in the centre of the Brazilian jungle we work on our objectives. Here we can realize our ideals, like the realisation of an educational system, religious support, employment, and medical practise.

We find here opportunities to bring our plans into practise. For example we offer the local population and especially the underprivileged children in the region the opportunity to develop and educate themselves.

For several years we are working to make the place more livable and now the time has come to make a breakthrough. The location is unique along the sparkling and biologically rich river Rio do Caraxio. The Caraxio river is a source of life that springs from the Brazilian jungle. It is a branch of the might Amazon river. The river is a vital source of life for the local community.

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By enthusiastic cooperation from the local population it has become possible to build this unique location. We can use this location from now on for our objectives. Below you will find the backgrounds of our activities.

By chance, we were able to utilize a piece of land from relatives, a piece of jungle in the centre of the Amazon. It turned out to be situated near an important source of life, the Caraxio river. When I heard about that, I became very interested and asked for an opprtunity to see the place. It was possible, but we did not realize at that time that we had to make a four kilometres way through the jungle with a machete.  

After an extreme experience we arrived at the river. I woke up from this pure dizziness by jumping into the water with clothes on.




Then I realized what would be my mission: utilizing this piece of land, make it accessible and realize employment here for the family. It was easier to say this than to really do this, because where could we find the money for this? How do we find the right people?

A plan was born: we plotted a five year plan and asked the family to build it by themselves. Fortunately, in the family we have an extremely skilful guy named Austro, who had proved himself as a carpenter many times already.

Before we went back to the Netherlands, we bought a chain saw in Brazil. It was the only mechanical tool, because there was no electricity, ofcourse, neither was money for an aggregate a priority. 






By now, I could use my architectural experiences. I designed the building in the way Ivanilde indicated me: in local architecture. We sent the drawings to Brazil and they could start with the construction. Austro started the job with help from his brother, sister, brother-in-law and others.

In the following year, 1998, we went back to Brazil. My curiosity was enormous. We would love to see what we managed to do in one year with only hand tools.


They broadened and flattened the four kilometre way through the jungle in such a way, that a tractor can be used. Our plan had come into practise: there is a skeleton framing of a building with a roof on top. We slept with a group of 10 persons in hammocks under the bare sky on the top floor. At night, we heard the sounds of the jungle, the singing of the monkeys, the flittering of the bats en the singing birds. I slept like a baby.



During the five weeks of our presence, we did a lot of things. We closed the upper floor. Downstairs the kitchen for the restaurant was growing. We figure that the local population also can earn money with the restaurant. Satisfied we went back to the Netherlands.




The next couple of years, they have worked continuously on this place of residence in the jungle. The five year plan became reality.


No sooner said than done, and now it is there. There is a beautiful building with a restaurant (which in fact has become a school by now), there is a bar and an annex which can be used as a storage for primary necessities, as a medical aid post and still space for guests to stay.


The river Caraxio offers a fantastic swimming experience and is the main source of life for the entire region at the same time.


 The Caraxio river downstream 
 The Caraxio river upstream


Accordingly, it is the perfect location to develop more and more plans for the foundation Amazon Pro-life.


With kind regards,







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