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In this chapter we keep you informed about the facilitary developments which are achieved by our foundation Amazon Pro-life.

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22nd July 2010
Just returned from Brazil, where I did a lot of work. As always, there was far too little time to do everything that I planned in advance. But a lot happened! The building has been almost totally repainted and at this moment the new water supply is being realized.

The school has started again, however there is no result yet from a possible support by the municipality.


The left wing is the school.


The classroom with about 10 children, there are classes in two groups of 10 children.


As long as there is no municipal support for the school, we will finance it by ourselves. If you wish to contribute to this, then we would like to see your donation at bank account at Triodos-bank in the name of Stichting Amazon Pro-life, every donation makes a difference! In case you transfer money from a non-Dutch banking account, use the following IBAN and BIC codes:

IBAN: NL04 TRIO 0784 8273 54

Thanks in advance for your support!

23rd May 2010
At this moment I am travelling to the place where the foundation in Brazil is working. I am going there because the school teacher, who was paid by the municipality, is not able to work anymore. Reason for this is that the municipality stopped their support because of economical reasons. We are doing everything to get the school going again, because the school was attended so well by the children. Ivanilde will have a meeting with the municipality, to make clear our goal: the school has to continue! At the same time, I am working on the improvement and the maintenance of the building. When I am back, we will present images from our activities.

See you soon!

July 2009

At this moment we are occupied with the construction of a building. This building is sort of a church, which is open for all kinds of religion. A place where one can reflect and think about ways to work on a better future and become member of society who knows how to transmit knowledge and love.



20th June 2009
My visit of a slum in São Paulo yielded new contacts which are important for my mission: the development of the children in the Amazon.


28th May 2009
Jasmin is doing fantastic! Because we have been able to give her appropriate shoes at an early stage, her feet have become almost normal. On the website you can see her picture.


23rd April 2008
The time has come, in January 2008 the first lessons have been given in our school in Caraxio, for the time being in the former restaurant of Eldorado do Amazonas. The school is attended by 26 children from the wide area and they go to school on a daily basis. Thanks to the help of the willing local mayor, we now have a teacher which is paid by the municipality. Amazon Pro-life takes care for the facilities, food and drinks. We have faith in the project. Thanks mayor!



 Image Image

Since 2005 we have been working to concrete the road through the jungle, the road that at first, after the rough cutting down, only could be used by a tractor. It means that the location now really has been opened up!

In total we have an area of 100 hectares, from which about 20.000 m2 is directly suitable for our plans. It is the perfect place for the realization of a school and a church, there is enough space.



The restaurant already has been used several times as a meeting point for the local population, for instance during occasions like Christmas. This place can be used initially as a school and for religious services.

This is the result of several years of dedication. Step by step we are building up and there has already been a lot of employment for the local population.


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