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The foundation aims for offering chances to the local population and especially to help the children to develop themselves, to achieve something in society and be someone that counts.

Several facilities are required for this. Roughly we can distinguish five categories.

1. A school

At first, the foundation will realize and build the first school in this problem area in the Amazon. For this, we use the location at the Caraxio river, where have been taken already some facilitary measures. The available area is about 100 hectares, of which about 2,5% directly can be used as building lot. At the mentioned location, there can be started already with lessons at a small scale. A professional teacher is necessary to give daily lessons.

2. Healthcare

The medical treatment leaves a lot to be desired, therefore the foundation will also put its effort in this. A possibility is the realization of a mobile medical post. For example, this medical post can be a boat that visits the different areas.

3. Employment

One of the objectives of the foundation is also to realize the facilitation of the several primary needs, like:

1. Cultivation of vegetables
2. Cultivation of fish
3. Realization of a farm with cows and chickens.

In this way, the parents of the children will have the chance to earn their living.

4. A church

One of the objectives is also to build a church at this location, because we would like that not only the children, but also their parents will have the chance to develop themselves religiously. The church will have a stone basis and a wooden construction. Designs for the church are under development.

5. A food supply/reception centre

With a food supply and a reception centre we can help children and their parents who are in direct need for food. In the first place they will need good nutrition. The idea is to collect food that has been disposed by supermarkets. We can take care of children that need immediate help, we can feed them and help them to get along. For this objective, we have a modest house near Santarém in mind. There are possibilities to divide the house in several rooms.



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