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11 june 2014

The Ladies Movie Night in cinema UTOPOLIS Almere, for the third time we are here again with our action JL fundraising for the foundation in which 100% of the net profits benefit for the children in the Amazon of Brazil. The movie "Walking On Sunshine", this time the draw.


29,30,31 may en 1 june 2014

This week from Thursday, May 29 Ascension Day we stand for four days in a unique location, in the front yard of Soestdijk Palace, with our jewelry, a fund-raising activity for the foundation in which 100% of the net profit for the benefit of children in the Amazon Brazil. Come and visit our booth A4 to see what a beautiful collection of jewelry we have collected. The weather forecast is good, about 20 degrees and dry.


There have been many lovely people who have helped to raise money, gifts and money thanks! We have them shipped in a large box twice to Brazil and they arrived there on time. What they shall all be happy with it.

Image   Image

Kerstmis 2013

We are again seriously to recruit for the children in the Amazon of Brazil to care for. A Merry Christmas 2013 donors in the weather Always satisfying work to not only provide the much needed things from our school, but the fun does not lose sight of. 

Taking care of two merry Christmas with decorations, food and toys is an important part, but what we mainly this aim it is to be together. With each other to feel that going to school is not only important but also lots of sides.

The new action is a fundraising success!

Swarovski Crystal, CZ, Rhinestone, all encased in Rhodium base.

This Heart necklaces and earrings are an example of one of the jewelry from the collection

Set Kettingen en Oorknopjes

Want to see the bigger picture, surf to the website

The new action fundraising is a success!

The latest campaign for 2012, for which preparations have already been made in 2011, sales of  "jewelry"

We import jewelry of high quality made ​​in Italy and Spain, direct from the factory. These are offered through so-called demos by Showcases being put down including at Beauty Salons. At various locations in the Netherlands The proceeds will benefit the foundation.

You can possibly do it by buying a piece of jewelry, you can use the specially crafted website: visit www.jewelsluxury.com , create an account and one of the beautiful jewelry just order by placing them in the basket and your donation through PayPal to complete whether you make it just about the following account of the foundation

We look forward to your response, together we are strong and we can always make better again include the education of the children. To contiuneren the school there is always need lots of money. You can simply make a monetary donation, every little bit helps. If you live outside the Netherlands but still want to make a donation, please use the following IBAN and BIC code.

IBAN: NL04TRIO0784827354

thank you!

A beautiful album!

Latest version 1.1 (2011) of our album is ready, now also available in English! At a glance you can see the history of Caraxio, from the very beginning to the present.

The album is available for each donor. Do you have it yet, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it You get the album be sent as soon as possible.
If you are not (yet) donor, but still want to receive the album? You can! By payable to our account in the name of Triodos Bank 50 euros Amazon Foundation Pro-life, o.v.v. "Album", you are single donor. You will receive the album. Moreover, 25 euros of this amount goes to the children in Brazil.



Uitgave April 2011

Fair Fit & Gezond 2009

The photos taken at the fair "Fit & Gezond" in the Grote Kerk in Alkmaar on 31st of October and 1st of November 2009 provide a nice overview of the atmosphere of our action to put our supplements under more attention. We obtained good results on the fair; a lot of people were interested in our products and we made a lot of good contacts.

Click picture to enlarge

Image  Image
Image  Image

Exotic fruits and food supplements

In Brazil we found a factory which produces capsules in jars of, for instance, 100 pieces. These capsules contain freezedried 100% natural exotic fruits. We included about ten types of exotic fruit capsules in our range of products. These are sold in the Netherlands.

An important part of the yield benefits the underprivileged children in Brazil.

In order to know what these products might mean for you, we opened up a separate website:http://www.exotischevruchtensupplementen.nl. There you can find all information about the extremely powerful properties of the different fruits. Vitamin C up to graviola, a powerful cancer reducing fruit (10.000x more effective than the substance that is used in chemotherapy) without known side effects!



Indigenous Ceramic Sculptures

These indigenous ceramic sculptures originate from the indians in the Amazon. We are really glad that our indigenous ceramic sculptures are available at Staatsbosbeheer in Ossenzijl. A better place does not exist!

Visitor centre "De Weerribben in Ossenzijl" included them as a pilot in the collection. A visit is VERY worthwile, at least if you have good weather conditions! A nice possibility to get to know the Weerribben is renting a smaller or larger silent boat for groups.

An important part of the yield of the ceramic sculptures also goes to the underprivileged children in Eldorado de Amazonas.






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